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September 29, 2012
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When you woke up this morning you had no idea how this day were going to end for you. Your heart was going to be taken, taken by a handsome but dangerous man,                                                                    

taken... by a deadly sin.


It was a day like everyone else and you walked on the street right outside central city on your way to the library again. You had read a lot lately, you weren't really good at alchemy but you really liked to read all sort of stories about it and there for you knew almost everything you needed to know about alchemy. Now you were going to continue to read a story about the so called philosopher´s stone. You stopped for a moment. The sun was really strong today and you covered your eyes with your hand and looked up in the sky. You had your _____ colored hair in a ponytail as you usually had and your ____  summer dress that ended over you knees waved in the wind.

"What a great day" you said to yourself smiling. You continued to walk and decided to take a shortcut to the library and walked through an alley and turned left. You continued to walk for some minutes. 'Strange' you thought. You should have been able to see the roof of the library by now. The alley you were walking through became darker and slowly you got a feeling that something was wrong. But the library would be just round that corner so you turned left and... Wait... this was not right... a dead end? You turned around and walked back, something was wrong. You looked around; you didn't recognize anything at all. With a sign you tried to walk back the same way you came from and figure out where you took the wrong way, but after a few minutes you still hadn't seen anything familiar. "What the he**!" you shouted frustrately; you didn't care about your language seeing that nobody was around. You tried to calm down, how in the whole world could you have gone lost in a place like this!?

"Hello there, why in such a bad mood? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"  You turned around to that laughing male voice but you could not see anyone, was someone hiding in the darkness? "Who are you? Show yourself!" You said and tried to remember that book you had read about self-defense. "Hehe, you were a brave one, but don't worry I'm not going to hurt you... yet." the male voice said and then a man stepped out from the darkness and was looking at you with a guileful smile. Your ___ eyes examined the man from top to bottom. He was a strange looking man. He was a well built, slim man with a black tank top that ended over his navel and he had black shorts with something that looked like a black skirt over. But that wasn't what caught your eye; it was his spikey dark green hair. Even though he looked kind of strange you had to admit that he was really handsome. He put his hand on his hip and waited until you were done staring at him. "Okay now you're starting to get creepy" he said with another one of his smiles. That interrupted you thoughts and you looked him in the eyes. "I'm not the creep here." you said and took hold of the bottom of your ____ dress and curtseyed to him. His smile disappeared "Look, if you don't want my help I could just leave out here" You looked up on him. "You were going to help me?" you asked surprised. "Whatever, you see the alley behind me? Just go through it and turn left then you should come to the main street in central city." He said but he was not looking at you. You felt bad because you had made fun of him and was going to apologize but he interrupted you. "Well I have some things to take care of" He said. He ran past you and jumped over the stone wall behind you. You gasped, he was really lithe! Who was that guy? "The way he moved would have made anyone green with envy" you thought. You started to walk without knowledge of how right you really were...

You followed the alley he told you to go through and when you turned left you were back in the city, you could hear peoples talking to each other and a dog that barked at a cat in a window. The light from the sun came as a shock for your eyes after the darkness in the alley and you covered them fast with your hand. You thought of that guy and promised that if you'd ever see him again you would thank him. It was still not too late to go to the library so you hurried away in that direction.


When you left the library some hours later you were in deep thoughts, you hadn't been able to concentrate on the book because you had started to think about that green haired guy again. You had remembered that he had a red tattoo on his right leg; it looked like a dragon that was biting his tail and a star in the middle. You had tried to look it up but you could not find anything. "Maybe it's some kind of gang tattoo" you thought. You shake your head while you were waking, why were you so interested in this guy? He had been kind and helped you but you also remembered what he said when you met him. "I'm not going to hurt you... yet." What was that supposed to mean? Were you in danger? No that's ridiculous; he just tried to scare you that's all.

A big CRACK! Interrupted you deep thought and you looked up and saw that a house wall had collapsed! You ran to the crowd that had gathered around the building. "What happened?!" You asked a tall man with a mustache. He looked at you and answered "A man with green hair just flew into the wall and made it collapse, but the strange thing was that he looked okay when he stood up and ran away from his opponent." the man told you. You could almost tell for sure that this was the same guy that you met earlier.  "Witch way did he go?" you asked. The man told you the way and then you ran off in that direction. After he helped you, you could at least try to help him too.

When you finally found him, he was fighting a small, blond guy with his hair in a plate. It looked like the blond guy was fighting with a metal arm... Now you recognized him! It was the Fullmetal Alchemist! You were not sure but you thought his name was Edward and you had sure heard a lot about him. But why was he fighting that green haired guy? In that moment the fullmetal alchemist got a hit, he punched the guy in his face hard and made him crash into the wall. "Stop!" You shouted. Both of them looked up at you. "You again?" you heard the guy say. You ran to him to look if he was alright. But as the man told you he hadn't got a single wound. "What the... Do you know her Envy?" said the guy whose name you thought was Edward. Envy? Was that his name?  He looked at you for a moment then he snorted "Move, I don't need your protection." His cold eyes made you stand up, now he had hurt your feelings, you just wanted to help him. "Hey girl, move away from him." Edward said to you and he looked deadly serious.

Something In Envy's eyes changed and his guileful smile came back on his face. He started to laugh when he got up. "What's wrong pipsqueak? Don't you want a cute girl like her to be around me?" You felt how he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, your cheeks became warm. Oh no, now you were blushing, did he really think you were cute? "Leave her alone Envy!" Edward came closer and that made Envy pull you closer to him. "Make me" He said and threw you over his shoulder, the surprise made you gasp and then Envy started to climb up on the wall behind you. When you were on the top he jumped to the nearest roof without problems and continued to the next roof. "Let me down!" You screamed. "Are you scared?" He asked with a smile. Well of course! You were terrified! "I said let me down!" You could see the ground swishing past you from below. "You don't need to be scared. I'm not going to drop you." Envy's grip around you hardened a bit and even though you maybe were kidnaped, you felt safe with him. Wasn't that wrong... to feel safe with your kidnaper?

You stopped to struggle and after a while of roof jumping Envy got down on the ground and continued into the forest outside the city...
Okay, this is a fanfiction with YOU as the main character! :D
In this story you will meet that handsome palmtree Envy and who knows maybe he will start to like you ;)
If you don't like it you don't need to read it...
Sorry for my bad english!

Part 2: [link]

Hope you like it! I appreciate comments! :iconenvyishappyplz:
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