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February 13, 2013
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You held the heart shaped box tightly against your chest as you ran through the corridors. Your heart pounded hard , this was a really special day and you wanted a special guy to notice you. You ran up the big, beautiful detailed stairs and almost ran into Haruhi Fujioka. She was a really good friend of yours and you knew the truth about her, that she was a girl. She works as a host in the host club because she owed them a lot of money. You felt sorry for her because you knew how she felt sometimes; you weren't one of those rich peoples either. The only reason you had been able to go to this school was because of your grades and that all your relatives had been kind enough to contribute some money. Haruhi looked at you with her big, kind eyes. "Hi __(Name)__! Why in such hurry? you should be more careful"

You blushed a bit "Oh hi Haruhi! I'm sorry; I'm on my way to the host club but what about you? Shouldn't you be there right now?" She looked at the box that you were holding and smiled, she understood. She was the one that had lent you the recipe for the chocolate and you had spent the whole morning to make them perfect. "Kyoya asked me to go around school and ''Spread the love'' she said and rolled her eyes. Now you realized that she was holding a box with big read fluffy hearts that was saying 'Celebrate the Valentine's day at the host club. Let the hosts give you the love you need' You laughed ''Let the hosts give the love you need?" Haruhi laughed too. "Yeah Tamaki's idea. But I gladly go around school and doing this rather than being in the Host Club right now.'' She started to go down the stairs but then she stopped and turned around to look at you. ''But I think that you might like it" She said with a smile.

You stood outside the big door in your yellow school dress. You had spent a lot of time fixing your __(Hairstyle)__, __(Hair-color)__ hair. You reached out for the door handle but you hesitated for a moment. How were you going to stand out among all the other beautiful and rich girls? You had nothing they had... You shook your head, no don't think like that. You were not going to pretend to be someone you weren’t; you were going to be yourself. You were there because you wanted to see him and give him the chocolate you've made. With more self-confidence than before you opened the door.

A slight breeze made your hair move a little and some rose pedals few past you. The smell of roses and chocolate filled your nose, not to strong and not to weak. The picture in front of you was one of the most beautiful you've ever seen. The roses were everywhere and it wasn't just red roses, they were in more colors than you could count. The hosts weren't dressed as usual; today they were dressed in white kimonos with roses on them to match them in the room. Every host had their own color on the roses. While you stood there and looked at the rooms beauty Tamaki walked by and saw you "Well hello there __(Name)__ my sweet, young lady.'' he said with a soft voice while he walked up to you. You had been here so many times that they recognized you by now. You saw that the color on the roses on his kimono were (of course) in a dark red color. He took your hand and kissed it gently. You didn't notice that because your eyes were fixed on someone else. ”Welcome to the Host Club want me to show you around?" You looked at the blond host that was looking at you with charming eyes. "I'm sorry... But I'm here for someone else..."You said and looked back to the host that made your heart pound, Tamaki looked at the box that you were holding so tightly and turned around to see who you were looking at. He smiled and looked back to you. ''Then what are you standing here for? I'm sure he will be happy to see you''

Mori was sitting on, what looked like , a really comfortable couch. A lot of girls were sitting next to him and on the couch in front of him. But to your surprise they were interested in someone else. You smiled, they were Honey's customers. It was easy to understand, he was one of the cutest boys you've ever seen. But even so... he wasn't your type, Tamaki wasn't, not Hikaru or Kaoru either. You've always liked the strong and silent type, someone you can lean on and trust. "Hi Mori-sempai, Hi Honey" Mori raised his head to look at you when he heard your voice. Honey, which was surrounded by giggling fangirls and strawberry cake, looked up at you too. "Oh! Look Mori!  __(Name)__-Chan is here!" He said with his sweet and cute voice. But he already knew you were there, because he was looking at you right into your __(color)__ eyes. Your heart started to pound hard, it always did when you were near him but not like this. This was different, he had never looked you in the eyes like this before. You noticed that the color on the roses on his kimono were __(fav-color)__, your favorite color... It fits him perfectly, that's maybe why it was your favorite color. Suddenly you heard a group of girls call out for Tamaki and hurried past you to get to the ''king''. You quickly took some steps backwards to let them through, but without watching your steps you backed right into a pot of roses and both it and you fell backwards.

"Look out!" Mori acted quickly and catched you with one arm and with the other he catched the pot of roses. He looked at you, closer now than before. "Are you alright?" A quiet "Y-Yeah..." was all that could leave your lips. He had saved you from getting hurt and not to mention saved you from a really big bill to pay. If that pot had broken... that were almost scarier to think of than the fall. Around Mori and you some of the girls had start to applaud and in the background you could hear Hikaru's voice "Good catch Mori!" and then you heard Kaoru's "Looks like you catched TWO beautiful roses!" That made you blush. Mori helped you up but didn't let go of your waist, he looked at you for a second. "You should sit down for a moment" You looked at him in confusion but then you saw that your hands were shaking, maybe it was the fear of the fall... or it could be because of him... You nodded, you saw in his eyes that he wouldn't accept an "No it's okay I'm fine". Mori looked up as if to check if Honey could take care of himself for a moment. He didn't need to worry, the girls took good care of him. The host with the white kimono with __(fav-color)__ roses walked you to a couch next to the window and then he sat down beside you.

"Thank you..." You looked down on the heart shaped box on your knee. He looked at you, "No problem" Mori answered. Those eyes... it felt like they looked into your soul and they made you want to tell him what was on your mind. You placed the box on his knees. "It's for you. I made them for you this morning..." and then, you couldn't stop yourself from talking. "Sorry, I know that they aren't so expensive and not made of the finest chocolate. I'm not like the other beautiful girls... but I really wanted to give you something." You looked down, slight blushing because of embarrassment from speaking your mind like that. "Don't look down on yourself like that" You raised your head in surprise and got even more surprised when he put a piece of chocolate in your mouth. He had opened the box and was now leaning in. He took a bite of the chocolate and your lips almost touched. Your face turned bright red. "It delicious, Thank you __(name)__" Your heart had never pounded this hard before and you tried to think clear, this much be something that all the hosts is doing when they get chocolate from a girl. But... to think about it, you were the only girl around Mori. “Where are your other costumers?” you asked “I don’t have any” What…? Sure that could happen to a host once in a while, but on Valentine ’s Day? You felt sorry for him.

But then he surprised you “I told Kyoya that I just wanted to be with one girl today… and I’ve been waiting for you all day.” Your heart stopped for a moment, so that’s why Tamaki acted like he did when he saw that you came to meet Mori, he knew. Mori took your hand in his. “Never underestimate yourself again. You’re not like the other girls, you’re special… beautiful, perfect the way you are” If you weren’t blushing before you totally were now. He leaned in so that he only needed to whisper. “__(name)__, would you like to spend Valentine’s Day with me?” You smiled. This was a true warm smile, a smile that you didn’t use often. Mori blushed a little when he saw it, he thought you looked beautiful. “I would love to” A small smile appeared on his face, you let out a small gasp. You’ve never seen him smile before… and he looked even more handsome when he did. Slowly Mori’s hands leaved your hand and were placed on your cheeks. Slowly he leaned in, you knew what was going to happen and you couldn’t be happier, this was nothing the hosts used to do to their customers.

His lips were strong and gentle against yours. He kissed you carefully at the beginning to make sure that you were okay with it, he didn’t need to worry. You answered the kiss by pressing your lips closer to his and put your hands in his hair. When he felt that he carefully pushed you backwards so that you laid on the couch and he was over you, with one hand on each side of your head. Now he could deepen the kiss more and you gladly let him. “Yeah… the chocolate tastes delicious.” He said and continued to kiss you. You felt so warm inside your chest and every vain in your body were on fire. He was so good at kissing!

Suddenly you heard something and then you saw a white flash next to you, then you finally noticed what the sound was… it was screaming fangirls. Mori looked up and your lips parted, it looked like he hadn’t noticed that either. “Way to go Mori!” Hikaru shouted happily among the fangirls, while Mori sat up and helped you up as well. You looked at the twins. Wait… what was Kaoru holing? A camera? Oh my… that white flash, it came from the camera! You blushed hard and hided your face in Mori’s chest. He put a hand on your head and whispered in your ear. “Would you like to go to the rose garden with me?” You looked at the fangirls and then back to him. “That would be wonderful” you said and smiled. Both of you wanted to be somewhere where you could be alone. He took your hand in his and leaded you to the door. Before he opened it he checked that Honey was okay and then you two walked out of the Host Club.

Right outside the door you passed Haruhi that looked at you and smiled when you walked by. Had she also known? You smiled and blushed. You were going to thank her for the recipe and maybe… just maybe, you could ask her to find that camera… and print out that photo for you. Because you wanted to remember that moment for your entire life.

“Mori?” You said. “Yes?” you looked at him while you walked towards the door to the rose garden. “I love you” You whispered. He stopped and as the strong and silent type he was he only needed to look you in your__(color)__ eyes and gave you another gentle kiss to show you his answer.

Yes… he loved you too.

I asked you who you wanted me to write an xReader story about and I couldn't chose only one request so I'm doing all of them ^3^/

This is an MorixReader, requested by :iconwillowwalker45:

Sorry if my english is bad! (But i think I've gotten better though... this is really good practice for me :la: )

Hope you like it!

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